Security at nuclear facilities represents our top strategic priority; it is viewed as a prerequisite for successful performance in the nuclear industry. ROSATOM is committed to effective physical protection of nuclear materials and facilities and continuously strives to improve in this area.


All Russian nuclear power plants are safeguarded jointly by military forces, ROSATOM's security agency and on-site security teams. Physical security of a nuclear power plant is a comprehensive system that includes safeguarding nuclear and radioactive materials, prevention of unauthorised access to nuclear sites and materials, prompt detection and interdiction of threats to safe NPP operations. In order to enhance reliability of NPP security systems, we have adopted the best-in-class engineering solutions and continuously strive to improve them.

In addition, we regularly assess the effectiveness and vulnerabilities of our security systems, while researching and testing the latest technology developments. Annual audits followed by necessary corrective measures further increase overall security levels at our core facilities and storage sites.

Nuclear materials are properly safeguarded during transport to prevent them from being seized by terrorists or criminal elements. Safe transportation is provided by ROSATOM's subsidiary Atomspetstrans. To further improve transportation security, in 2010 we launched a special programme for the development of transportation infrastructure, introducing a comprehensive nationwide logistics system, strict physical security rules and new tracking practices for nuclear materials in transit.