Rosatom has set up a back-end management division to arrange centralised system for management of spent nuclear fuel (SNF) and radioactive waste (RW), and for decommissioning of hazardous nuclear and radiological facilities.

Division’s managing company is ‘Federal Center for Nuclear and Radiation Safety’ (FCNRS) which coordinates technical scientific activities related to development and promotion of SNF /RW management techniques and decommissioning processes for hazardous nuclear and radiological facilities.

Companies belonging to this division render all services related to management of spent nuclear fuel, such as transportation, shipment of Russian-design reactor SNF to Russia for reprocessing, SNF retrieval from nuclear submarines, acceptance and accommodation of spent fuel, SNF storage and reprocessing, technological solutions and R&D, and fabrication of new fuel (MOX, REMIX).

A well-developed infrastructure, competent high-skilled workforce, half a century expertise in management of radioactive waste, collaboration with scientific and design survey companies secure nationwide effective implementation of the entire spectrum of related activities, as well as export of technologies and equipment.

Broad capabilities and practice-supported unique competences in decommissioning of NPPs, NFC facilities and other hazardous nuclear and radiological installations extend also to dismantling and decommissioning of civilian and naval ships, radiological survey and monitoring, and land remediation.