German company ‘NUKEM Technologies GmbH’, which 100% shareholder is ASE Group (‘Atomstroyexport’), provides a wide range of services related to management of radioactive waste (RW) and spent nuclear fuel (SNF), as well as decommissioning of hazardous nuclear and radiological facilities (power, research, production, marine and naval reactors; NFC plants).

In its technological segment, ‘NUKEM Technologies GmbH’ actively participates in performance of contracts and bidding in West and East European, Asian and Russian markets. The company’s order  portfolio contains large projects, such as construction of cask-type SNF storage facility at Kozloduy NPP in Bulgaria, and construction of cask-type RBMK-1500 SNF storage facility and solid RW conditioning and storage facilities at the site of Ignalina NPP (Lithuania). The most important projects successfully implemented by ‘NUKEM Technologies GmbH’ include construction of RW conditioning center at Bohunice NPP in Slovakia; RW conditioning facilities at Balakovo, Kursk and Leningrad NPPs in Russia, and at Chernobyl NPP in Ukraine; decommissioning of Kahl NPP (Germany); construction of cask-type SNF storage facility at Dukovany NPP (Czech Republic); decommissioning of Brennilis NPP in France. Starting with 2015, German companies ‘NUKEM Technologies Engineering Services GmbH’ and GNS ‘Gesellschaft für Nuklear-Service mgH’ have been participating, as part of a consortium led by Westinghouse Electric Germany GmbH, in decommissioning of Philippsburg 1 in Germany.