Russian machine building plants can meet demand of all projects under implementation at present. Capacity of the works belonging to Russian nuclear industry enables yearly manufacture of up to seven sets of reactor components.

Rosatom’s machine building division – ‘Atomenergomash’  (AEM) manufactures components for all Russian-design nuclear power plants currently under construction in Russia and elsewhere. The division has pooled about 30 manufacturing plants in Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, and Hungary. Today, ‘Atomenergomash’ addresses nearly all needs associated with main and auxiliary components for VVER and BN (fast reactor) plants, from design to delivery. The company has put in place a complete production run (backbone items of nuclear island, turbine and boiler systems, balance of plant and instrumentation). 

The Holding has set up a complete manufacture process for nuclear island components, from semi-finished metallurgical items to reactor facility, steam generator, and main circulation pump. Besides, AEM is one of the largest Russian manufacturers of power boilers and waste-heat recovery boilers for large- and medium-size combined cycle plants, and big manufacturer of column, reactor, tank, vessel and other components used in oil, petrochemical and gas industries. ‘Atomenergomash’ is the sole Russian manufacturer of steam generators and main circulation pumps for nuclear power plants, the country’s biggest producer of separation and reheating equipment for all types of slow-speed and high-speed turbines  used at Russian NPPs. Furthermore, AEM is not just equipment manufacturer; it delivers robust engineering solutions in response to client’s wishes and requirements.