The Hungarian company Ganz Engineering and Energetics Machinery, Ganz EEM, which forms part of Atomenergomash produces mini hydro-electric power plants based on a standard container. It is a simple and economically feasible solution for distant, mountain regions where central electrical supplies are unavailable. The pre-condition for their site selection and operation is the availability of mountain rivers, that are capable of providing the necessary water pressure to operate the turbine.

The principal advantage of mini hydro-electric power plants is the potential to commence production of electricity shortly after the plant has been transported to the site and the water supply has been connected to the turbine. The compact facility is equipped with everything necessary for the operation, monitoring and control of the mini hydro-electric power plant. The built in battery provides the electricity for operation of the control system and to enable communication via satellite to a control centre should the turbine stop working. In the event of mains electricity being unavailable the diesel generator produces the electricity necessary to start up the system. The plant is controlled remotely via the mobile communications network or the Internet.

The other equipment developed at Ganz EEM - a turbine-pump can be used as a pump to fill reservoirs with water and as a turbine as the reservoir is emptied to generate electricity. This equipment could be in demand due to climate change in many countries.