The Russian nuclear industry possesses the production capabilities to meet the demands of the nuclear fuel cycle including those linked to metallurgical products. The production of structural materials for nuclear fuel made from special zirconium alloys is performed at the Chepetsk Mechanical Plant (a member of the Rosatom Group), and one of five enterprises in the world able to offer the complete cycle for the manufacture of zirconium products. Thanks to its unique features, i.e. neutron transparency (a very low neutron absorption cross section), as well as its strength and corrosion resistance, zirconium is an irreplaceable structural material for nuclear reactors for power plants and submarines. The enterprise offers a complete production cycle from reprocessing of the ore concentrate to finished products made from zirconium alloys.

In addition today the Chepetsk Mechanical Plant is the world’s largest producer of calcium and the only one in Russia and Europe. Calcium metal is used in the technological cycle for the restoration of uranium. Nowadays calcium is widely used in ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy. Practically all calcium production is exported to the world’s leading nations and is always held in high regard by foreign partners.

Energospetsmashstal (which is incorporated within the Rosatom structure) is the largest Ukrainian producer of special cast and forged products both in terms of individual production and in small batches for metallurgy, shipbuilding, and the power industry (wind, steam, hydro, nuclear) and general manufacturing. The enterprise possesses the most modern metallurgic, metal and mechanical processing equipment, and is able to offer the entire production cycle from the generation of marketing and technical ideas to their realisation in the finished products. Metallurgical products bearing the Energospetsmashstal trademark are well known in more than 50 countries across the world.

Another Rosatom enterprise, the Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrates Plant is the only Russian producer of Lithium products. The Plant supplies lithium to both national and overseas markets.