Rosatom has created another separate line of business entitled «Computing Tools and Methods». The enterprises that form part of this line of business offer their customers a whole series of solutions from developing models and performing calculations, as well as delivering programme packages for indepedent modelling, and delivering supercomputers to providing remote access to processing capacity and programme packages. Specifically in Sarov, where a great deal of experience has been amassed in computer modelling, a whole series of indigenous systemic and applied software packages are being manufactured, which have been installed in high performance compact multiprocessor teraflop super computers. These supercomputers, which have no indigenous analogues, can be used for complex calculations, and immitation modelling (such as modelling processes inside a reactor at a nuclear power station for example), as well as for Computer Aided Design to produce complex items. The supercomputers produced in Sarov are able to work effectively with large volumes of data. Their capabilities are in demand in railway, petrochemical, and manufacturing companies, and they are used in the space industry and in atomic power engineering.