At present Rosatom enterprises occupy a leading position in Russia in the field of surface modification technology, as well as applying protective and functional coatings for a wide range of applications. Specifically this refers to composite heat resistant coatings for protection against abbrasion, thermal insulation, and to increase resistance to corrosion. We have built up a great deal of experience in applying ceramic coatings to metallic and non-metallic products and components, which radically improve the properties of these items in terms of heat resistance and durability as well as their resistance to corrosive environments. The resources are at hand to apply extra-thick ceramic coatings to flexible electric cables possessing excellent electrical insulation characteristics, with a considerable margin of dielectric strength. A whole series of graphite based materials are being produced, which are finding applications in atomic power engineering, rocket and space technology, and manufacturing, as well as in the cellulose paper and food industries, in shipbuilding, compressor and rocket and space technology.