One of the lines of business for Rosatom enterprises is ensuring the physical protection of both hazardous nuclear, as well as very important state sites, industrial enterprises and transport infrastructure assets, and the fuel and energy complex. The integrator for this line of business is defined as JSC 'FCS&HT SNPE ELERON' (one of the leading enterprises in Russia specialising in 'security systems'). Other enterprises also assist, namely the «R&D Research and Design Institute of Radio-Electronic Engineering' which is a branch of the Mikhail V. Protsenko 'FSUE FSPC 'PA START', the 'All Russian Research Institute of Automatics', JSC 'NPK Dedal', and the FSUE Production Association 'Sever' as well as JSC 'NIIEFA - The Scientific Research Institute of Electrophysical Apparatus'.

All these enterprises produce different mutually supportive components for security systems, which are capable of ensuring the integrated physical security of a site on any scale (from a small building to an extremely important government asset with a perimeter of several kilometres) from a range of threats.  Among the hardware they produce are sensors that can detect explosive materials on the hands, as well as radio beam detectors, inspection systems, stationary and hand held radiation monitors, video monitoring systems, and seismic-acoustic perimeter security systems. It is possible to manufacture an integrated security system based on the product range produced by Rosatom enterprises, which is able to ensure control over air, ground and maritime expanses. A multifaceted approach is adopted when this equiment is installed at sites that require security. This presupposes an entire cycle of work from developing an overall concept to ensure the security of the site, to the design, manufacture, fitting and commisioning and start-up of the equipment, as well as the subsequent servicing of the corresponding equipment.

Specialists working at Rosatom enterprises that specialise in the 'security systems' line of business have experience of working overseas, and have been invited on more than one occasion to conduct training as IAEA experts on the physical security of nuclear materials and installations.