Russia is among the world’s largest isotopes’ producers. Over 90% of the research and technical capacity in this field is concentrated within the Rosatom Group. Rosatom isotope complex includes 13 enterprises that manufacture a wide range of products from radioactive and stable isotopes, to radiopharmaceuticals and sealed sources.

Rosatom enterprises manufacture a large variety of products for nuclear medicine: isotopes Mo-99, I-131, I-125, Lu-177, Sr-89, Ac-225, radiopharmaceuticals I-131, Sm-153, Ga-67, as well as generators of short-lived isotopes Tc-99m, Re-188 etc., which are used for diagnostics and therapy in oncology, cardiology and other areas of medicine.

An important area of activity for Rosatom isotope complex is manufacturing of general-purpose industrial products, in particular, sealed radioactive sources based on Со-60, Cs-137, etc. They are used for sterilization of medical instruments, irradiation of agricultural products, etc. Rosatom enterprises also manufacture sealed sources based on Ir-192 and Se-75, which are used for non-destructive testing (gamma-radiography). In addition, Rosatom is one of only a few global producers of such products as Am-241, Cf-252, Po-210, C-14, Sr-90 and Kr-85.

Rosatom pays particular attention to the production of stable isotopes with a high level of enrichment. The product portfolio of Rosatom Group incorporates over 200 stable isotopes, including Мо-98 and Mo-100, Ge-72 and Ge-76, Zn-64, W-186, Lu-176, Tl-203, Yb-168 and Xe-124. Stable isotopes are used for research purposes in studies of double beta decay and the search for dark matter, they also serve as raw material for the production of radioactive isotopes that are lately used in medicine and industry.

JSC Isotope, a single industry operator, supplies to the international market the entire line of the isotope products manufactured by Rosatom enterprises. More than 100 foreign organizations located in 30 countries and 600 institutions in Russia are among the company’s partners.