Russia is the world leader in the number of operational nuclear research facilities (22% of the world’s nuclear research installations), including research reactors (29 - operational, 2 - temporarily out of service and a further 2 – under construction). In total over 600 research reactors of different types and capacities have been constructed around the world over the period of the development of nuclear science and technology. Most of them, including those with record user parameters, were constructed in accordance with Rosatom designs, and with the involvement of Rosatom design institutions and companies, i.e. the N.A. Dollezhal RDIPE (the N.A. Dollezhal Scientific Research and Design Institute of Electrical Power Engineering Technology), JSC ATOMPROEKT, the Afrikantov OKBM (The Afrikantov Experimental Design Bureau of Mechanical Engineering), among others..


At the present time a new Multi-purpose fast neutron research reactor the MBIR is under construction at the NIIAR site (the State Scientific Centre - the Scientific Research Institute for Nuclear Reactors in Dimitrovgrad, in the Ulyanovsk region).  This reactor will provide a wide range of experimental opportunities to conduct reactor and post-reactor research activities. It is anticipated that the MBIR will form the basis of an experimental facility for scientific research and experimental design work to create the next generation of nuclear power installations, the development of closed nuclear fuel cycle technology, and the testing of new techniques for the disposal of radioactive waste as well as for comprehensive research in the field of radiation material studies, including the creation of new structural, fuel and absorption materials. It is also envisaged that the use of reactor emissions will be applied to the production of radioisotopes and materials with altered physical and mechanical properties, as well as the generation of heat and electricity.

Key performance parameters of research reactor cores

Parameter Assembly-based cores
Fuel assembly VVR-M2 IRT-4M VVR-KN IRT-4M VVR-KN
Thermal power, MW 1 10 10 20 20
Number of fuel assemblies in the core 70 16 26 40 45
Max. thermal neutron flux (Е < 0.625 eV)
×1014 cm-2 s-1 in the core
0.4 3.1 3.1 4 4.4
Maximum thermal neutron flux (Е < 0.625 eV)
×1014 cm-2 s-1 in the beryllium reflector
0.2 2 2 1.3 1.2
Number of vertical experimental channels 4 max. 25 max. 24 max. 20 max. 17