With the aim of monitoring the quality of the road surface Rosatom experts developed the multi-channel dynamic monitoring scanner KONDOR. This is an innovative development based on reverse scattered X-rays. It is designed to conduct dynamic monitoring of the upper layer density and cross-sectional profile of a road surface (the depth of monitoring is up to 3,5 m) in real time. The equipment developed by NIITFA allows identification of the composition and depth of the various layers with a view to ascertaining conformance with the requirements of technical specifications set during construction, to be conducted at 40 km/hr. The analysis is performed according to parameters such as density and compression rate. The instrument does not have any analogues anywhere in the world and is certified as a measurement tool. The instrument can be mounted on a trailer or a pickup vehicle. The scanner was awarded with a national prize in the road safety category “Safety is everyone’s business”. The prototype example took part in the All-Russian automobile rally “Russia-2014” travelling from Vladivostok to Sevastopol, and analysing the quality of the road surface in 30 Russian cities.

Another unique tool is the MLTK portable laser complex. It can be used to mitigate the consequences industrial accidents, during the course of remote agglomeration, and for the welding and cutting of valves and metal structures at oil, oil & gas and gas-condensate unloading wells, during purification of contaminated surfaces and the destruction of ice formations. The laser beam is capable of cutting objects at a distance up to 100 m, the focus can be adjusted within a range of 20-80 metres. The cutting velocity is 5 m/hr.

The list of the instruments that use irradiation includes industrial and medical linear accelerators including those designed for the sterilisation of medical equipment.