Being one of the leaders of the global nuclear technology market, ROSATOM considers it necessary to disclose material information about its activities for the stakeholders, including the information about economic, environmental and social aspects.  

Since 2009 ROSATOM has developed the public reporting system, which ensures preparation of ROSATOM and its organizations’ annual reports in the integrated format, taking into account Russian and international standards and best practices in this field. The common goal of preparation of public reports in the sector is to improve openness and transparency of ROSATOM, enhance its image, business reputation and competitiveness and provide the information support to promotion of products and services in Russia and abroad. 

Preparing annual reports, ROSATOM uses international standards and guidelines of public reporting: the G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines (GRI G4), the International Integrated Reporting and the AccountAbility Standards of АА1000 series. These standards have laid the basis for drafting and approving ROSATOM’s policy of public reporting (determines public reporting goals and objectives, reporting principles, distribution of responsibility etc.). To implement the said policy, the public annual reporting standard used by ROSATOM and its organizations has been prepared.


ROSATOM public annual report 2014 (Interactive Version) 

State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM annual report 2013 (Interactive Version)

State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM annual report 2012 (Interactive Version)

State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM annual report 2010  (Interactive Version)

Annual Reports of ROSATOM

Annual Reports of ROSATOM’s subsidiaries