Rosatom Code of Conduct and Ethics is used in the corporation and its organizations. It sets rules outlining social norms, rules, ethic principles and proper practices  that should be adopted by all Rosatom employees. The Code is a document  translating Rosatom’s corporate mission, strategic goals and values and  defining ethical principles based on them. The Code clearly describes what is expected from the company employees in their interaction with the government, organization founders, contributors and investors, in-company relations and relations with external organizations, counterparts and business partners, public organizations and mass media. The Code also sets anti-corruption rules and  rules guiding employees’ behavior that should ensure lean production and resource saving, occupational and industrial safety, environment and information protection, as well as prevent any conflicts of interests or help to manage a conflict, thus sustaining and improving the corporate image.  

Code principles, rules and procedures have been formulated considering the IAEA recommendations, the industry tradition, Rosatom experience and best national and international practices.   

The Code has been developed to prevent  risks related with the infringement of legislation of ethical norms that have been adopted in the Corporation and its organizations; to reinforce Rosatom ’s business status; and to implant the system of corporate values.  Energetic participation of all members of Rosatom Strategic Board in the Code development proves   Rosatom’s commitment to high standards of doing business in nuclear power industry.  It can also favor the adoption of the Code principles and provisions by all employees of Rosatom Corporation.