Innovations are at the heart of ROSATOM's development, with a focus on sharpening our competitive edge through new technologies and state-of-the-art production facilities. Innovations at ROSATOM come in different forms. Our primary focus is development of in-house technologies and competences – although we never stop there. If necessary, we launch joint projects or acquire innovative technologies from third parties. We have set an ambitious task of increasing R&D investment to at least 4.5% of ROSATOM's revenue by 2020.


Other aspects of our commitment to innovation include sponsorship of the federal programme entitled “Next Generation Nuclear Energy Technologies 2010–2020” and participation in the design project known as the “New Technology Platform: Closed Fuel Cycle and Fast Neutron Reactors”. This research effort aims at improving the efficient use of natural uranium and spent nuclear fuel. It is housed within ROSATOM's Breakthrough Project Office, which implements strategic R&D programmes to develop new applications of nuclear power.

With its best-in-class computing facilities, ROSATOM has launched a number of initiatives to develop supercomputer technologies and to have them adopted in high tech industries. In association with the Russian Ministry of Communications and Mass Media, ROSATOM carries out a national project on supercomputers and grid technologies that involves computers designed and produced by one of its subsidiaries. Project objectives for the next 3–5 years include the engagement of new stakeholders and development of virtual design technologies based on high-end supercomputers.